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Cultural Conflicts and Criminalization in the Classroom

Through cultural competency and culturally responsive and interactive dialogue, participants will learn how socio-cultural differences between teachers and students can contribute to student disengagement and the School-to-Prison Pipeline. Participants will develop new perspectives and strategies that will lead to a classroom environment that embraces diverse backgrounds and experiences and uses these differences to create opportunities for creativity and growth
I Hate My Teacher and My Teacher Hates Me

This workshop explores the teacher/student dynamic and addresses this relationship from the perspective a disengaged student. Participants will learn new strategies for engaging disengaged students and will explore the value of building relationships that contribute to a more successful learning environment. 
Things I Wish My Teacher Knew About Me

Based on Joseph's book, Things I Wish My Teacher Knew About Me, this workshop invites participants to take a deeper look into Joseph's life as a disengaged student and examine the how and why cultural misunderstandings and well-meaning but misguided approaches contributed to his low performance and disengagement. Each chapter of the book lays out an experience that every educator will encounter during their career. Starting out in first grade and going through to Joseph's senior year, the challenges that he and his peers had in school are examined. Each chapter also explores alternative and simple approaches that Joseph feels teachers could have taken to better engage him. Take the journey through Joseph's elementary, middle, and high school years and see how his teachers hurt him, healed him, and helped him to find his place in the world.
You Cannot Teach Me If I Do Not Trust You

In this workshop, participants explore the significance of relational responsiveness and the power and price of developing trust. Cultural conflicts and criminalization in the classroom are also addressed through interactive role play to help those in attendance create a more compassionate and responsive classroom culture to engage the hardest-to-reach students.
Athletics vs Academics:
Bridging the Gap Between Teachers Who Love School and Students Who Love Sports 

Building on Joseph’s experiences as a student and professional athlete, coach and educator, this workshop aims to provide teachers and youth workers with practical strategies to engage disengaged students who love sports. Through interactive discourse, Joseph will share how sports saved his life, inspired him to love learning and shed light on how understanding sports culture can enhance student achievement.

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Professional development on topics include: 
  • Multicultural responsiveness
  • Engaging disengaged students
  • Teacher/Student relationship building