Joseph is an experienced educator and Doctoral Student at Columbia University Teachers College. His experience in Family and community education provides teachers and education professionals with the tools and skills needed to engage students and their families.
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Joseph uses his unique approach of interweaving monologue, role play, motivational testimony, and audience participation to teach lessons, inspire hope and engender change in students and teachers alike. He is known for making students laugh while helping them to think critically about their purpose, evaluate their circumstances, and aspire to reach their wildest dreams. 

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​Joseph is the author of five books focused on encouraging youth to overcome obstacles and reach their fullest potential. His most recent publication Things I Wish My Teacher Knew About Me is especially for teachers to gain a better perspective on how to engage disengaged students. Bring Joseph to your school, organization, or conference to lead discussions on his acclaimed books. 
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Joseph's interactive and engaging style makes him a versatile and highly sought after speaker in various settings including: schools, conferences, churches, and graduation ceremonies. Weaving in musical performance, audience participation, and inspiring life stories, Joseph will have your audiences raving!
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Meet the High School Dropout Turned Author, Edutainer, and Ivy League Graduate.
Joseph Mathews is a nationally known speaker, best known for his “Edutainment” approach to education. As an artist and expert in student and family engagement, Joseph has performed for students all over the country and conducted countless professional developments for teachers centered around student and family engagement. 
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